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We register private vehicles from all European countries in Spain, and offer the fastest and most efficient service to register UK & EU vehicles.

Our Service

What We Do

We provide an efficient and value for money service to handle the registration of your UK or EU vehicle in Spain.  We even arrange the insurance.

Vehicle Certification

We check your vehicle and arrange the conformity certificate

Registration Inspection

We arrange the ITV and take your vehicle through the inspection

Paperwork & Payments

We handle the paperwork and payment of fees and taxes

Motor Insurance

We arrange insurance for your vehicle on its Spanish registration

Temporary Registration

If your vehicle doesn't have a current valid EU licence plate 

Spanish Licence Plates

We deliver your new  documents and fit your Spanish licence plates.

About Us

About Auto Registrations


We Specialise In The Registration Of UK and EU Vehicles In Spain.

From arranging transport of your vehicle to Spain, the registration inspection and paperwork, to fitting the Spanish registration plates at the end, we take care of every step hassle free and efficiently.

Our Service

What You Get

Highly Experienced Service Team

Our team have lots of experience registering UK and EU vehicles in Spain.  They've helped hundreds of clients with their cars.

Excellent Communication Assured

We have bi-lingual English Spanish speakers, so you can be sure nothing will get lost in translation.

Service Tailored to Your Budget

We can help with some things or everything to fit the service either to your pocket or your requirement.

You'll Be Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our clients are always happy with our service, and we know you will be to, so we can confidently  guarantee your satisfaction.



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Auto Registration Services

Vehicle Registration in Spain

EU Vehicle Registration Service


What’s included

Initial assessment guidance & advice

Pre-inspection check

Arranging the ITV import inspection and attending the test

Handling all the paperwork and dealing with authorities

Paying of all taxes and fees on your behalf

Arranging insurance quotations

Attending up to one re-test

Acrylic Spanish Licence Plates

Most In Demand

UK Vehicle Registration Service


Everything in the EU service plus

Arranging customs clearance

Transfer of residency application for customs duty and VAT exemption 

Conformity Check by qualified Vehicle Technical Engineer

Non-EU Vehicle Import Technical Report

Assistance arranging modifications or replacement of lights 

Classic Vehicle Historic Registration


Everything in the regular vehicle services plus

Official classic vehicle appraisal 

Arranging historical vehicle certification

Classic vehicle historic ‘H’ plates

Service Fees, Taxes & Costs
  • Prices shown are our service fees. Registration costs aside from those detailed are separate, e.g. registration fee and taxes, the cost of modifications or parts, etc.
  • UK vehicles customs  agents fees and costs apply.  Customs duty of 10% and VAT at 21%  have to be paid if the vehicle does not qualify for transfer of residence exemption
Auto Registrations

Other Auto Services

Vehicle Technical Reports

from 100 +IVA

Qualified Vehicle Technical Engineer

Conformity Checks

Highlight issues

Advice on modifications

Detailed Report

Certification for classic cars

ITV Periodic Inspection Services

from 50 +IVA

Arrange ITV appointments

Attend and complete inspections 

Pre-inspection checks

Arrange repairs 

Collect Test & Return

Arrange / attend re-tests

Transfer of Owner Services

from 75 +IVA

Vehicle debt report

Check town hall tax

Itemised quotation

Prepare buyer / seller contract

Handle tax and transfer payments

Provide cover document