Passing the ITV in Spaiin

Passing the ITV

In Spain all vehicles are subject to regular safety checks through a road worthiness test, known as the ITV, Inspecciòn Tècnica de Vehiculos, – Vehicle Technical Inspection.

New cars are tested after 4 years, and are then required to be inspected every 2 years until the car is 10 years old.

New mopeds, quads, and motorcycles are tested after 5 years, and then every 2 years until they reach 10 years.

Any vehicle over 10 years is required to be inspected and tested every year.

All vehicles being imported to Spain are also subject to an initial special inspection before the vehicle can be registered in Spain.  This inspection has a few more checks, as along with roadworthiness, the technicians are checking that the vehicle conforms with standards.

Before undergoing the technical inspection of your vehicle, you should carry out some basic checks that can prevent the result from being unfavorable.  The list below covers the standard test and as well as the extended import inspection.

Historic licence plates for classic cars in Spain

Historic Number Plates for Classic Cars in Spain

Registering Classic Cars in Spain

The process of assigning a registration number to a Classic Car in Spain is more or less the same as that for a normal car.  However the car will have to go through more vigorous checks before it can be passed.  There is no differentiation in regard to age of vehicle and the registration number issued.  So a 50 year old classic Ferrari brought to Spain from another country, and a brand new Nissan Micra, could end up with consecutively numbered plates.

This is quite different to the UK for example, where vehicle registration numbers have a year marker, so you can know the cars are from the number plate.  Spanish vehicle registration numbers have no age identifier.

From a Classic Car perspective, this means that, if you’re bringing your pride and joy 1964 Mercedes SL to Spain, when you register it, you will end up with a registration number that doesn’t fit with the age of the car.  The registration will be just like any other regular new cars registered at the same time. Not great for prestige.